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Me in my crib with a book!
Seems like I was born
knowing how to read!

I started reading the Trixie books at the age of 10, when I received #3, #4 and #17 for my birthday. The year was 1977, and I myself completed (or so I thought!) the rest of the collection, oftentimes riding my blue Schwinn bike to the Walden Books in San Jose, CA. These were the first books I ever bought with my own money, so I think that has a lot to do with why they mean so much to me!

I tend to write very traditionally. My "goal", if you can call it that, is to write stories that are a natural continuation of the original series. Of course, itís filtered through my worldview, but I try to write each character as an extension of the traits that are already in the existing series. I do take a few liberties, however. I just canít see Mart, with his extensive vocabulary and love of writing (see book #30!) as an agriculturist, so heís an English teacher and writer in my universe. I also felt that while Dan would be a policeman for a bit, it wouldnít ultimately satisfy his need to help other troubled youth, so he becomes a child psychologist. I also never could picture he and Hallie together (big deal. Another boy!), which is why I recruited Joeanne Darnell from book #2 to be his love interest.

But this is not to say that someday I may careen in another direction. If thereís anything Iíve learned from writing the fanfic, the gang loves to take me in directions I didnít expect. So you just never know!

On a personal note, I finally, FINALLY graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Creative Writing in January 2000. Iím your classic underachiever I guess, cuz I graduated from high school back in 1985! Ah well, better late than never, no? (BTW, Anne Rice also got her degree in Creative Writing at SFSUóI knew there was a reason I love her books so much!) It was an amazing experience; (that Iím still paying for every month, LOL!) all of my instructors were published authors, and I was exposed to varying styles and methods of writing. But it has only been through writing fanfic that I finally feel Iím on the verge of discovering my "voice", and I thank everybody here from the bottom of my heart for making my dream of writing stories PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ come true!


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My best friend Missy and I. Missy and me again! Dana, Susan, and I.  Aren't we just too cute for words? :) Here's a scary picture of me with my hair blowdried straight!

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  My nephew Zachary & friend Alyssa. My big brother Ken and I at Christmas 2002. And here we are joined by my nephew Zachary, age 8. He says I'm his favorite Auntie!


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