Both Sides Now

Welcome to my "other" universe. The stories that end up here take place in the late sixties/early seventies and feature Winthrop Frayne, Katje Vanderheiden, Matthew Wheeler and Madeleine Hart.

I've been kicking this idea around since Summer of '01, believe it or not, and finally got off my butt and wrote something!

Many thanks to Lisa for helping me come up with a title, Kate for the patented 'suck-o-meter' stamp of approval, Eric for giving me an idea about what to do with Jim's dad and Dana, who, for some odd reason, seems enthusiastic about giving me some Adobe Photoshop pointers in the future! *g*

The Stories
Shadow and Light Winthrop Frayne and Katje Vanderheiden have been dating all summer when suddenly their relationship takes a new turn. (Rating: Yellow Star)
Light's Promise

Katy makes a decision that will affect both she and Winthrop's future. A story for the 3rd Anniversary celebration at Jixemitri. (Note: due to mature themes, this story is rated red star and requires a password.)


A disturbing revelation rocks Katy Frayne's world during her first Dia de los Muertos celebration. (Rating: Yellow star; written for the Dia de los Muertos challenge at Jixemitri.)

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