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I tend to focus on the emotional lives of the characters; if reading smush doesn't scare you, read away!

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The Stories


Blue StarChapter 10: TRAPPED!

A Jixemitri CWC Contribution for Meagan and Janette's Blinking Eye Challenge

Yellow starA Conversation Between Mary Sue and Pod Jim

Just a little kick off story for my web page.  Jim is being soooo difficult!

Red StarThe Very Thought of You

The Belden-Wheeler Detective Agency is finally underway, and Trixie and Honey are hired to help with a murder case.  In the meantime, Trixie and Dan's friendship takes an unexpected turn...

Red StarEnding the Wait

A little bit of naughtiness between Jim and Trixie in a closet!

Yellow starNight of the Living Smush

Couples are disappearing from Sleepyside, and Trixie is on the case.  A Halloween story!

Yellow starIf It's Tuesday, it Must be Sleepyside, Chapter 17

My contribution to the Two-Year Jixaversary round robin story

Yellow starA Picture's Worth a Thousand Bullets

Gasp! Could it be the end of the 'As You Wish' universe?

Yellow starLove Lines - A Mart & Diana Tale of Tail

Diana + a cell phone = smut!

Yellow starThe Hook

A submission to the Jixemitri 2009 Halloween Writing Challenge.  




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