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Music has always influenced my writing. I usually have it playing in the background when I work on my fanfic, plus, there have been plenty of times when a lyric or song has inspired an entire story, such as "Stay", "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" and "The Very Thought of You".

I'll sometimes jot down songs I hear on the radio when I'm stopped at a red light because I'll think, "Wow, that just perfectly describes..." I love when that happens!

Click on the links below for the complete list of the songs I've used in my fanfic, broken down by story and universe.

Soundtrack available from K-Tel productions...NOT! :)

  Crown bullet The As You Wish Universe
  Crown bullet Both Sides Now Universe (Coming soon)
  Crown bullet Inconceivable! (Not-My-Regular-Universe)


I'll be updating this page as the mood strikes!



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