"I don't know what to write about."


These are the BWGs; people we know as well as we know ourselves! This is the beauty of fanfic--we already have a great cast of characters to work with.

As to what to give them to do, the answer may very well be in your own life.  To start the brainstorming process, ask yourself a few questions, like, what are you interested in? What pisses you off or throws you into a frenzy of enthusiasm?

Playing the 'what if' game is another great way to come up with plot ideas.  For example, a fanfic story I once wrote called Secrets got its start when I asked myself, "What if Jim found out that Trixie had been attacked by a man in college, but never told anyone?"  I'm not sure why this particular question popped into my head, but I will tell you that I've always been interested in the idea that people walk around with these entire secret lives locked away in their heads sometimes.  

Movies, TV, newspapers and other people's lives are also great sources for story ideas.  But be careful; an event in a friend's life should inspire ideas, not turn into a 100% re-enactment where you merely change the names.  Because unless you have his okay, a friend may not appreciate having his life story revealed this way!!

And again, your fellow Trixie friends can help you flesh out an idea or provide information.  We have an amazingly diverse group of people at the boards, and I have yet to find anybody who minded answering my questions.  Just don't forget to thank them in your author's notes!

You'll find that the more you write, the more ideas you'll start to get, too.  You might want to keep a notebook handy, because believe me, you think you'll remember all your ideas, but you won't! 

Now get writing!


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