More quotes from A Writer's Life
by Julia Cameron

"Guilty pleasure is what writing is all about.  It is about attractions, words you can't resist using to describe things too interesting to pass up.  And forget lofty motives."

"Love is what writing is about.  As an act of love, it deserves our protection and our deepest respect."

"Rather than the 'author' of a piece of work, we often experience ourselves as the 'midwife' of a piece of work.  It is born through us just as our children come through us, but are possessed of lives and destinies of their own."

"Self-expression requires a self to express--and that is what we are excavating when we feel our writing has taken us into vulnerable territory. vulnerability, which is honesty's shy younger sister, is the part of ourselves that renders us capable of great art, art that enters and explores the heart."

"We are all works in progress.  We are all rough drafts.  None of us is finished, final, 'done'.  How much healthier and happier if we put 'it'--all of 'it'--in writing: the flaws, foibles, frills, fantasies and frailties that make us human."

"I believe that if one of us cares enough to write something, someone else will care enough to read it. We are all in this together, I believe, and our writing and reading one another is a powerful comfort to us all."


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