Visiting Dani

Dani very bravely hosted her first Trixie Friend gathering. Susan and I blatantly invited ourselves to come a few days early so that Susan could finally visit The Mecca (aka Wolf Hollow, aka Crabapple Farm!) I especially enjoyed getting to use Dani's shower EVER SINGLE DAY!


Susan has finally made it to Glen Road! Too bad my pic of her in front of Crabapple Farm is horribly under-exposed. :(

And here is Susan sitting in the famous picnic area by the Croton Dam (where Honey and Trixie pigged out in #14) We had one helluva time finding that damn dam!!


Dani, Misty and Sue riding the Carousal at the Albany Museum

Likewise, Susan and Dana


Dani's lovely daughter, Maia.

Suusan gets up close and personal with a moose. That girl is WILD, I'm telling ya! :)

Sue, Susan, Dani, Misty and Dana with a lot of leftover Italian food!  

Maia with her good buddy "Zusan"