Cobbett's Island

Lisa is truly insane to invite all of us to stay with her, wouldn't you agree? :)

We all had an absolutely amazing time hanging out, but I'd have to say the highlight was visiting the real Cobbett's Island!

Starring: Mary C, Kyrie, Lisa, Sue (SJaye), Vikki, Kris, Susan, Sue (SIM) and Moi

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"And THIS is a refrigerator!" Lisa lays down the laws of her kitchen while Susan just laughs. Kris, Vikki and Sue appear to be taking her seriously, however! *g*

Then Susan checks out Lisa's ass, much to Kris's amusement. Tsk tsk tsk...that Susan is just too wild for words! *veg*

I think Lisa has had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of our shenanigans!

What can the lovely Kris and Susan be plotting now?

"I caught a fish THIS BIG!" sez Kris

Lisa and Kyrie

Cheers! Kris and I both love wine

The gang goes wine tasting! From left to right: Mary C, Kyrie, Susan

me, Vikki, Kris, Sue (SIM), Lisa and the other Sue (SJaye)

Susan and Vikki - two of the most adorable people I know!

Double Trouble! SIM and SJaye
On Shelter Island at last! Kris and Susan sure look happy And no wonder...they're plotting again!!
Lisa and SIM work on their tans Lisa smiles while Sue merely gives me the raspberry!
Gasp! It's #13!! Inside the Shelter Island bake shop. Alas, none of those are jelly!
SIM, Lisa, Mary C and Sue get down on da beach "Jim with Trixie? HA!" sez Sue
Susan ponders yet another universe where the BWGs take lone walks on beaches. Doin' the disco rat!
Vikki, Kris and Mary C "Mwa ha ha...I have poisoned Susan's food!" Lisa laughs manically while Vikki ponders and Susan takes another cautious bite!
Vikki, lookin' purty Susan
Pin-Up Vikki! Grrrrowwwl!