Mackinac Island

What can I say about my four-day weekend in Michigan?

To celebrate Dana's birthday, we gathered at her parent's cabin right on the lake. We laughed a lot, ate a lot,

explored a lot (Mackinac Island among other places) and had one of the all-time best adventures I've ever experienced!

Susan, Dana and Sue on the ferry to Mackinac Island A view of the island from the ferry
Susan, Dana and Sue on the carriage Dana, me, Susan and Sue having lunch at the pub
On our way to sneak onto the porch of the Grand Hotel We made it!
Entrance into the lobby The Grand Hotel's parking lot. Remember, no cars allowed!
Dana makes a new friend on the island We're sorry to have to leave, but the ton of fudge should sustain us!
Auntie Dana and her niece Lexi take a rest Aren't they just the cutest?
Lexi and Tallie share a quiet moment The view of the sunset from Dana's parent's back deck is stunning...
Isn't it? I don't know...that bear looks like he's getting a bit frisky!
You know, Dana seems to have an odd attraction to bears! Out of all of her gifts, I think Dana liked this one the best!!
Susan loves her birthday gift from Dana - the Coin Man Trilogy in paperback. Wow! "It's like a real book!" :) In fact, she was so overwhelmed, she had to take a nap afterwards!
Dana, Lexi and Susan are too cute for words Susan in her throne!