San Antonio, Texas!

What better way to explore part of the Lone Star State than during a Trixie-Friend gathering? Answer: none! Misty graciously hosted myself, Dana, Sue, Rachele,  Cathy P, her husband Jean, and Dani & family (husband John, daughter Maia, mother Maggie) for a fun-filled weekend. In-between all the giggling and gabbing, we even managed to visit The Alamo (which I will never forget, LOL) and go on the famed Riverwalk.

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Cathy P and Dani snuggle happily together! Cathy, Misty and Rachele - the Flower Queen, and her two princesses!

Dana proclaims that beer is not only delicious, but chock full o'nutrients to boot!

Dani the Cowhand!
Dinner_Table.JPG (62550 bytes) Jean_Cathy.JPG (86855 bytes) Maia_and_Mama.JPG (59980 bytes) Maia_Daddy.JPG (49088 bytes)
Cathy, Dani, Dana and I enjoying our margaritas!

Jean and Cathy - The Flower King & Queen!!

Ahhhh....aren't Maia and Dani adorable? Maia takes a rest on her Daddy's lap
Rachele_and_the_Toothpick_D.JPG (52790 bytes) Rachele_and_Whips!.JPG (62850 bytes) Steve_Austin_Face.JPG (50417 bytes) Sue.JPG (68777 bytes)
Rachele poses with a very bizarre toothpick holder! ...and with some whips! Ralph (Misty's husband) does his "Steve Austin face", much to my amusement. Sue is ready for anything!!
Sue_and_Dana.JPG (60592 bytes) Sue_Dana.JPG (60928 bytes) Sue_Dana3.JPG (56452 bytes)
Sue and Dana - Dana is explaining to Sue how Trixie really belongs with Jim, and Dan actually belongs with Honey. "What do you mean Trixie and Dan forever?!" Sue and Dana begin to brawl!!!! In the end, they decide that when it comes to fanfic universes, to each her own!
Sue_Dani_Maia.JPG (68445 bytes) SueRacheleMisty.JPG (53300 bytes) Sue_booze!.JPG (92185 bytes)
Maia isn't quite sure if Sue is safe. Dani looks on Sue, Rachele and Misty at the Riverwalk So many bottles, so little time... Yeee-haaaa! I can't wait to go back, someday!


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