The Real Sleepyside!

On the way home from Jennifer Newnham's, Kyrie and I had to visit Ossining, NY.  No, not to cheer up lonely prisoners--Ossining is the real life model for our adored Sleepyside-on-the-Hudson!

Check out the real Crabapple Farm, the Junior-Senior Highschool, Glen Road, Manor House, Wimpy's Diner, Peter Belden's bank and the might Hudson River!

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High School.jpg (398129 bytes) Me at C Farm.jpg (408192 bytes) GlenRoad.jpg (21933 bytes)
Can you picture Trixie flying out of the door, dropping papers & books in her excitement?
Wolf Hollow, aka Crabapple Farm! I was so excited to finally see this hallowed ground! There are a few banks in Ossining, but this one looked the coolest! If you squint really hard, you'll see that the sign says "Glendale Road"!
diner.jpg (28925 bytes)
Manor House.  Darn it, where's Jim? The mighty Hudson River! Hooray, I'm at Wimpy's!  Too bad it was closed.  Apparently, new management has taken it over.  I sure hope it isn't closed for long, and that Mike doesn't lose his job!



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