Apparently, Susan was suffering from temporary insanity, because she agreed to host a butt-load of Trixie friends at her place so we could all go see the musical "Wicked"!

 In attendance were Susan, Dana, Dani, Misty, Jessica, Anna, Steph H., Chicago Steph, Suzanne, Kris, and myself.  A marvelous time was had by all!

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DanaSusanJessica.jpg (38978 bytes) TheGang.jpg (50646 bytes)
Dana, Susan, and Jessica admire the famous Marshall Fields' holiday windows. Dani and Dana are ready for a night out on the town. And so is the rest of the gang! From top left to bottom:  Susan, Suzanne, Anna, Jessica, Dana, Me, Misty, and Dani. 
DanStar.jpg (32999 bytes) Kris.jpg (25917 bytes)
Later, at dinner, Dan* fights over the last piece of lasagna. Jessica, Susan, and Steph don't care - they are stuffed from all the tiramisu! We were so happy the lovely Kris was able to join us!
MistyDani.jpg (40796 bytes) StephDaniMisty.jpg (35550 bytes)
Looks like Misty and Dani are having a very serious discussion. Misty, Dani, and Dana are just too gorgeous for words. Steph, Dani, and Misty relax on the sofa.


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