Convention 2001

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a picture taker.  For a much better selection, visit Sue's convention picture page or Dana's convention picture page.  

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Can't remember if this was taken before, or after, the convention!
Anne and I riding on the ferry Eric, Heather and Kyrie

Dana (holding Chance), Kate, Lisa M., Kyrie & Sue.  

Eric and Kate on the ferry
I wonder if Dana is still thinking about Ralph the Eunich?! :) Is it just me, or does Eric look a little annoyed? Hope it wasn't anything I said! :)
Kyrie, Dana and Sue at the Dinner theatre

Some of the Jixemetri authors! Back row: Sue, Kate, Kyrie, Dana, Bonnie, Jennie.   Front row: Me, Claire and Misty.  Man was it humid!

Me & Eric Misty, Claire and a very shy Anne!
This room was constantly full of scenes just like this! Only Dana is paying any attention to me!
That's Misty, Kate, Sue & Kyrie! Jen C, Dana, Misty & Mark on the ferry Dana, Misty, Bonnie, Jennifer, Kyrie & Kate at the picnic Dana, Sue, and I have fun at the "Rager."


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