Convention 2004

The fifth annual Trixie Belden Convention took place in St. Louis, MO. I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces, and glad to meet many new Trixie friends. In fact, this was our largest convention yet, clocking in at 43 people. 

Next year's is in Vermont - Be there, or be square!

Gasp! Does Cathy's husband Jean know about this?

Evidentially not, judging from his smile!
Kyrie sez, "Oh God, why did I ever volunteer to be the Convention Coordinator? *g* Marsha - the prettiest principal I've ever met!
and her gorgeous daughter, Janie (yes, she's named after THAT Janie!!) Lisa rides the bus (that's Bernadette writing in the background)
Misty and Rachele Bonnie and Jennifer
Tonja and Jodi (David is behind them) Janie and Marsha
Jenn Jenn eating a very nutritious meal
"You're going to do WHAT to Jim next?" Sue from Montreal asks Cathy, while Diann and Lori look on Jenn and Angelique get down at the rager
There's always plenty to drink at the Friday night rager! Susan, Sue and Jennie at the rager
Claire_Susan_Me.jpg (35033 bytes)
Claire, Susan and I try to stay warm and dry on the trolley in Hannibal. Sue does her best Huck Finn impersonation
and Susan does her best Becky Thatcher What you can't see behind Sue is a giant rat!
Our very cute cave guide, Zeke! We all gave him our full attention. :) Susan and Sue in Hannibal
Doesn't Susan make an excellent Sea Captain? Susan contemplates what to wear for dinner
Cave.jpg (30061 bytes)
Posing with the famous fence (or is that teeth?!) Lori, Misty, Jodi and Tonja explore Tom & Becky's cave
Tonja, Susan, Jennie, Jodi and I in the Mark Twain Museum Misty pets a lion in the museum
Jenn and I share a very special moment Nick
The Supple Princess Bling Bling, aka Jenn, defends herself against rumor and inuendo at the Mystery Dinner "I no kill you!" Aleta, aka Hop Sing the Murderer blithely lies
Cathy, Bonnie and Jenn listen attentively, but I don't think they're buying Aleta's lies either Lisa, me and Sue right before downing shots. Even we gunfighters need a break every now and then, you know!
Don't Rachele and Claire look adorable? Our girls are all grown up now! Sigh... Susan prepares to ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch.
Trying out a new profession. (Thanks, Pamela, for sending me this, er, lovely picture!) Me, Jenn and Susan enjoying ourselves on the Blue's Cruise. Looks like Jenn is enjoying herself just a little TOO much, eh? (Look at her hand!)
Gleeps! We must have just missed the BWGs. 

Ah well...maybe next year.......