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No Trixie web page would be complete without pictures.  Would it?  Anyway, if you're at all curious, click on the links below!

Princess Bride Photo, Trixie and Jim Photo, Castle Photo
Crown bullet Convention 2001
  24 Trixie fans gather in colonial Williamsburg for a few days of mayhem and fun!
Crown bullet Convention 2002
  25 Trixie fans gather in the Ozarks for a few days of mayhem and fun!
Crown bullet Convention 2004
  43 Trixie fans gather in St. Louis for a few days of mayhem and fun!
Crown bullet A Schenectady Slumber Party
  Jennifer Newnham's house may never be the same!
Crown bullet

A Delaware Adventure

  Kyrie and I visit Kate and Brett.
Crown bullet The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
  I attended my very first Ren Faire where all the good merchants of the town called me 'milady'. Ha; shows you how much THEY know!
Crown bullet Adventures with Trixie Friends
  Having fun with some of those 'axe murderers' I met on the Internet!
Crown bullet

On the Road

  While moving from the West Coast to the East Coast I met up with Trixie friends along the way.
Crown bullet The Real Sleepyside
  See where our beloved series actually took place!
Crown bullet

Cobbett's Island

Lisa hosts a bunch of Trixie friends for a weekend on Long Island!
Crown bullet

Mackinac Island

A fun weekend in Michigan celebrating Dana's birthday!
Crown bullet

Tea Party

Dana, Kate and I have afternoon tea
Crown bullet

Weekend at Sue's

Not sure why Sue keeps inviting me... :)
Crown bullet

Princess Sophie

Her most royal and triumphant highness!
Crown bullet Trixie & Co
  A few pics I've found of the gang!
Crown bullet The 'As You Wish' Cast Page
  See who has been living in my head for the past couple of years!
Crown bullet Portuguese Book Covers
  Ever wonder what the Portuguese editions look like? Check 'em out!
Crown bullet More Book Covers
  Here are some German and Australian books for your viewing pleasure.
Crown bullet A Blast from the Past, or Really Embarrassing Pictures of Me When I Was a lot Younger
  What, you need an explanation after this? :)
Crown bullet San Antonio, Texas
  Misty hosts a Trixie Friends Gathering in the Lone Star State!
Crown bullet Visiting Dani
  Dani hosts a Trixie Friends Gathering in the Empire State!
Crown bullet A Wicked Weekend
Susan hosts a Trixie Friend Gathering in Chicago to see "Wicked"!


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