The Pennsylvania
Renaissance Faire

More fun with Trixie friends!  Attended my very first Renaissance Faire, and had a great time.  We were having so much fun taking each other's pictures in all these hats, then, as we were leaving, noticed the sign "Please do not take pictures with the hats".  Ooops!

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Kate in hat.jpg (23114 bytes) Kyrie in hat.jpg (26598 bytes) Me in hat.jpg (306970 bytes)
Kate, Kyrie and I were just having too much fun in one of the hat shops!
Kate with Llama.jpg (33854 bytes) Joust.jpg (36754 bytes) Kate and Brett.jpg (28958 bytes)
Kate just loved that llama! The re-creation of a joust.  Very cool! Poor Bret (Kate's husband) is wondering how he got stuck hanging out with Trixie people all day!


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