A Schenectady Slumber Party

Kyrie, Bonnie, Jennifer Skidmore, Annette and I spent a fantastic weekend at Jennifer Newnham's home.  We ate a lot of food, showered Jennifer's dog with affection, dyed each other's hair and even managed to attend the Ithaca Friends of the Library book sale!

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When I spied the word "grog", I piped up, "Let's eat there!" I love this dog and wish he was mine! :)
Bonnie, Jennifer S., Annette, Kyrie and Jennifer N. in line for the Friends of the Library book sale in Ithica, NY. 
The grog was indeed fine!  Kyrie, Annette, Jenn S. and yours truly Jennifer S. and Wally Bad Dog! 
Kyrie, me and a really beautiful tree! The food was fantastic, and so was the company at The Olde Jericho Tavern in NY! Another shot at the Tavern.

I think Kyrie likes the blonde highlights Annette put in her hair!



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