Trixie and Co.

I look for the gang everywhere, and sometimes I even find them!

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 It's Dan's Dad!! Sigh...this is the Dan who lives in my head! (Actually, it's the actor Billy Crudup)  And he's been a bad influence on Honey!
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Diana's grandmother?  Honey & Brian get down on Cobbett's Island! Doesn't Trixie look happy?
trixdiana.jpg (36998 bytes)
Trixie & Diana show Dan a thing or two!

Looks like Mr. Lytell is getting the ultimate revenge on Trixie!

Oh my gosh! It's Ned's automat!  
BeforeSleepyside.jpg (63463 bytes) Bobwhite.jpg (50162 bytes) ReganandTrixie.jpg (47110 bytes)
Ever wonder what Dan was up to before he came to Sleepyside?! It ain't pretty! Oh dear! That's a bob white in that bobcat's mouth! Oh my, oh my! It's Regan and Trixie as you've never seen them before!
RatPack.jpg (36056 bytes)
Little did any of you know, the male BWGs spun off into their own little club... Why, it's Ten Acres! Now we now how Trixie escaped danger so many times...
Trixie, Honey and Di show Mart and Dan a thing or two!


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