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Back in January of 1999, I was referred to a wonderful place called "The Trixie Belden Homepage" by a bookstore owner in San Diego. I had been trying to find the elusive last five Trixie books, and had found him through an Internet search for them. When I politely turned down his offer to sell me #39 for $200.00, he suggested that I check out this community.

I am soooooo glad he did!

Jix wasn't even a twinkle in Cathy P's eyes yet. In fact, she was writing Rated-PG stories (yes, I know. Completely and utterly shocking, isn't it?! *g*) back then.

A lot has changed in the past four years, but one thing hasn't. The Trixie Internet Community is STILL the 'goodest' place on the web. I've had the good fortune to make many wonderful friends here and even meet some of them in person. (And not one of them has been an axe murderer either. Well, not so far, at any rate!)

Curious as to what a Trixie Friend looks like? Well, in addition to attending the Trixie Belden Convention 2001 and 2002, here are some other memorable moments captured in celluloid.  Also be sure to check out my main Photo Page for links to other time spent with Trixie friends.

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MeKyrieLion.jpg (31202 bytes) Cheers.jpg (31881 bytes)
Kyrie showed me her Alma Mater, Penn State. I am ridin' the Nitney Lion. Woo hoo! Sing it with me! "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!" Or sometimes, you visit Boston with Kyrie!
MeFAO.jpg (16588 bytes) MeRocky.jpg (25207 bytes)
At the FAO Schwartz in Boston When Kyrie and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I had to have a Rocky moment. Poor Kyrie cringed with embarrassment as I did the V-for-Victory pose, too. But hey, I wasn't the only one doing the "Gotta Fly Now" thing!
DanaKyrieChanceMe.gif (33385 bytes)
I am absolutely cracking up here because Kyrie (front) set the timer on her camera, then rushed towards the bed. Well, Chance evidently thought that she was attacking his beloved Mommy Dana and went absolutely WILD. I couldn't stop laughing.
Kate has a baby shower!
KyrieMeDanaShower.jpg (30271 bytes) KateKnife.jpg (14696 bytes)
Kyrie, Me and Dana "I told you where I was registered!" When it comes to gifts,
you don't want to cross Kate! *g*g*
Lamps.jpg (27322 bytes) Katerockingchair.jpg (30010 bytes)
Although this is what happens when people don't remove their gifts from the Register. And here I thought I was being original!

L to R: Kate, Me, SJaye

Kate imitating a sweet, old Grandmother.
MeKyrieCat.jpg (31225 bytes) MeSueFish.jpg (29251 bytes)
Kyrie and I attend a Dr. Suess exhibition in Baltimore. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am! Kyrie drug (dragged?) SJaye and I to Baltimore to see a bunch of fish. We were ready to kill her. :)
CherryBlossoms.jpg (32364 bytes) Kyriecherryblossom.jpg (25379 bytes)
It's touristy, but I had to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC!
Kyrie poses with the trees
Memonument.jpg (17114 bytes) DanaMe.jpg (24839 bytes)
Me in front of the world's most famous phallic symbol and some cherry trees. After the parade, Dana took Kyrie and I through this neighborhood that only locals know about. There are so many blossoming cherry trees that they form a canopy overhead. It was so gorgeous that I forgot to use my camera!
KyrieCannon.jpg (26328 bytes) SueMeKipona.jpg (19582 bytes)
Kyrie poses with a big cannon at Gettysburg (I wonder if the Jix Home Guard could score one of these?) A very fascinating place to go, but unfortunately, it had to be the windiest day of the year when we went!
SJaye and I at the Kipona Festival in Harrisburg, PA. I worship Sue, doncha know?

Kate was there too, and got attacked by a bee!

Slumber Par-Tay at Kyrie's!
GangSlumberParty.jpg (30246 bytes) GangSlumberParty2.jpg (33124 bytes)
L to R: Kate, Jake, Dana, Me, Lisa, SJaye, Susansuth My Pictionary team (me, Lisa, Susansuth) won! Woo hoo! Can you see my lovely rendition of 'car port'?

L to R: Dana, SJaye, Me, Susansuth, Lisa's knee, the back of Kate's head (she's holding her son, Jake)

GangSlumberParty3.jpg (28620 bytes) KyrieJake.jpg (26303 bytes)
Susan, Dana and I take a break from the festivities. Do we look  adorable together or what? :)
Jake smiles at Kyrie...who knows what Evil lurks? *g*
SueSlumberParty.jpg (30398 bytes) Chance.jpg (28648 bytes)
Sue seems amused! Dana's dog Chance was a very well behaved doggy!
Susan, Dana and I: from Susan's camera.
At the Soda Shoppe: Dana, Susan and I.
OssiningGang.jpg (34322 bytes) DanaHockey.jpg (29045 bytes)
Pat, Pat's daughter Riley, Annette, Annette's daughter Laura, Cynthia, Jennifer, Lisa and I spent a wonderful day in Ossining, aka, Sleepyside. Too bad hardly any of my pics turned out! :P

L to R: Annette, Cynthia, Jennifer N and Lisa

Dana in her hockey gear. And her team won that evening, too!
SJaye has a slumber party!
SueSlumberParty.gif (55910 bytes) KyrieLisa.gif (43659 bytes)
Hanging out at SJaye's is soooo much fun! Dana and Sue sit on the couch while Kate takes care of baby Jake and Susansuth looks on.
Kyrie and Lisa look cute-n-cosy, don't they?
Susan, me, and Kate
(from Susan's camera!)

Kate and Boo, about
to go for a walk.


Jennifer Newnham Hosts some Trixie Friends:

NYLine.jpg (41399 bytes) NYTable.jpg (37087 bytes)
In line at the 'Friends of the Library' booksale in Ithaca, NY.

L to R: Jennifer Skidmore, Jennifer Newnham, Me, Bonnie, Annette and Cynthia. SJaye is taking the picture.

Buying books is a hungry business, so afterwards, we headed to The Olde Jericho Tavern.

L to R: Jennifer Skidmore, Jennifer Newnham, Bonnie, SJaye and Annette. I took the pic this time!

Mary and JenniferN(oct02).jpg (39962 bytes) Carbs.jpg (34360 bytes)
Me and Jennifer Newnham, however, go for a very high price! *g*
JennMePumpkins.jpg (32305 bytes) WallyBadDog.jpg (34234 bytes)
Jenn, Me and a bunch of pumpkins in upstate New York And no weekend at Jennifer's house would be complete without her wonderful doggie Wally!
Rockpoint.jpg (37258 bytes) OriolesGame.jpg (36062 bytes)
Me and Jenn at Rock Point Overlook on Skyline Drive in Virginia. What a great view! Attended my first Orioles game. They lost to the Boston Red Sox, which made Jennie very happy!

L to R: Lisa, Kyrie and Jennie 

Christkindlmarkt.jpg (49316 bytes) Mary&Capshaw.jpg (56361 bytes)
Attending Christkindlmardt with Kyrie in Bethlehem, PA Kyrie just looooooves those fake animal photo ops!. Me with a donkey named Capshaw
A birthday celebration!
Birthday_Group.jpg (13403 bytes) Birthday_Group2.jpg (22748 bytes)
Out with the girls! L to R: Aleta, Kyrie, Jennie, Jenn and Jay join me for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.
L to R: Aleta, Kyrie, Me, Jennie and Jenn
SIM is in the house!
SIM_Kate.jpg (10628 bytes) Me_SIM.jpg (21399 bytes)
Don't Sue and Kate look adorable?
Almost as cute as me and Sue! Hee hee hee
MeCynthia.jpg (46774 bytes)
Uh oh...looks like Cynthia and I are in trouble again. Scranton, PA is a dangerous place! *g*
A Weekend in Staunton, VA
Staunton1.jpg (27673 bytes) Staunton2.jpg (14010 bytes)
Tiggernan, Aleta, Jennie and Kyrie
Kyrie never misses a chance to try on a hat...
Staunton3.jpg (31760 bytes) Staunton4.jpg (34234 bytes)
and apparently, neither does Aleta!
Aleta, Jennie and Kyrie
Myyyy kind of town, Chicago is...
Chicago5.jpg (35402 bytes) Chicago1.jpg (21200 bytes)
Wow...I have always wanted to see this! Susan and Dana pose in front of the Chagall mosaic
Chicago2.jpg (7672 bytes) Chicago3.jpg (27945 bytes)
Susan and Dana at the Italian Village, with the cutest doggie bags I have ever seen. And our waiter sounded just like Vito Corleone!
Dana and Susan pose in front of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago4.jpg (18964 bytes) Chicago6.jpg (65474 bytes)
Dana and Susan are sooo cute, aren't they? Crammed in a photo booth at the top of the Sears' Tower. Be very afraid! I sure do loom large in my legend, don't I? Argh!


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