Blast from the Past

In honor of Kate's Big Hair Page, here are some pictures of me from when I was more of a young-un. Click each image to view!

Megrayskirt.jpg (17597 bytes) Mepony.jpg (20240 bytes)
Me at age three in my groovy outfit. Hey, maybe Regan taught me how to ride! I think I'm around five here.
Mebraids.jpg (31819 bytes) RahRahRah.jpg (25332 bytes)
Age five Age thirteen and a cheerleader one Summer for the P.A.L.
MeFedora.jpg (24985 bytes) Prom.jpg (23637 bytes)
In my beloved fedora hat at age sixteen Eeep, can my hair GET any bigger! Please remember, the year was 1985. Too bad my date looks like Peter Tork. LOL, that's mean, isn't it? :)
AlmostTwins.jpg (13572 bytes) NinthGradeProm.gif (31264 bytes)
Almost Twins!!! Actually, my brother is three years older than I am. BTW, this is the last time I ever chop all my hair off! I'm twenty-five in this pic. All dressed up in my Gunne Sax dress for the Ninth Grade dance. (The spots are on the pic, NOT on my dress!)

Click to see me nekkid!!


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