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The Stories

Yellow starMidnight is a Place

Diana and Trixie solve a 20-year-old murder case. (This is my contribution to the Sarah Sligo Ghost Story Challenge at Jixemitri.)

Yellow starEvery Little Thing She Does is Magic

Find out what happens when Jim first goes away to college, and he and Trixie date other people...

Ch 1-4     Ch 5     Ch 6     Ch 7     Ch 8     Ch 9     Ch 10-11   Ch 12-13     Ch 14 & Ep     Author's notes

Blue StarLearning to Ride

How does Moms feel about Brian going off to college?

Red StarHow Long Has This Been Going On?

A prequel to "An Early Gift".  Trixie and Jim have been dating for two years, and Trixie wonders if they will ever take their relationship to the next level.  Sometimes a girl just has to take matters into her own hands...

Red StarAfter the Elevator: A Pointless Tale of Tail

This is the sequel to "How Long Has This Been Going On, and an anniversary story for Jixemitri. What happens after Jim and Trixie get out of the elevator? Why, a night full of sex, of course! *Big smile*

Red StarAn Early Gift

Honey is tired of being known as the good girl, and even more tired of waiting for Brian to notice that she isn't a kid anymore!

Yellow starThe Air That I Breathe

During a long separation, Trixie and Jim come to realize just how important they are to each other.  And being Trixie, she decides to take some immediate action...

Yellow starStay

A mini-sequel to The Air That I Breathe.

Yellow starCan't Buy Me Love

A money issue rears its ugly head and threatens Trixie and Jim's happiness.

Yellow starThe Mystery of the Missing Intern

Trixie is an intern for the FBI and turns up missing after solving a disturbing case.

Ch 1-5     Ch 6-8     Ch 9-Ep 

Blue starTrusting Starlight

Ever wonder what Jim and Trixie's first Christmas as a married couple was like? No? Well, then, don't read this! :) It was written especially for the wonderful Steph H. anyway!

Yellow starOne Last Case

Trixie gets pulled back into one more case for the FBI when her ex-boss collapses after whispering a mysterious message.  Plus, the Belden-Wheeler Detective Agency lends Diana a hand as she prepares for her Broadway debut.

Yellow starSecrets

Trixie's life comes unraveled when a terrible secret from her past comes to light.

Ch 1-2     Ch 3-4     Ch 5     Ch 6-Ep

Blue StarMart's Gift

Mart has a very special gift for Jim and Trixie's first child.  Part of the Christmas Group Writing Project.

Blue StarThe Thing's We've Handed Down

Jim decides to take Trixie out for a romantic evening a few months after their first child, Katy, is born.

Red StarJim's Harmonica: A Pointless Tale of Tale III

Find out what happens when Trixie decides she wants to blow Jim's harmonica. More smut with absolutely no purpose for your reading 'pleasure'.

Yellow starLittle St. Nick

Brian gets stuck at work on Christmas Eve, and Honey is pretty unhappy.  Can he make it up to her? (This is my contribution to the Happy Holidays 2007 CWP at Jixemitri.)

Yellow starGod Bless the Child

Joeanne Darnell, now an attorney with the Attorney General's Office, enlists the aid of the Belden-Wheeler Detective Agency with a very disturbing case.  Dan gets sucked in as well, and the two of them hit it off very well! Plus,  Honey and Brian suffer a crisis in their marriage, and Jim and Trixie help a young student at Jim's school.

Ch 1-5     Ch 6-8     Ch 9-11     Ch 12-14     Ch 15-17     Ch 17.5 (password required)     Ch 18-19     Ch 20-21     Ch 22-Ep

Blue StarThe Business of Mankind

Mr. Lytell gets a visit from an old friend and finds out what's truly important in life.  This is a contribution to Jixemitri's CWP#7 Holiday Edition

Blue StarThe Secret Spaces of the Gods

Trixie is away on business when tragedy strikes the Frayne household. Only faith and the love of family and friends will get her through this terrible time...

Ch 1     Ch 2    Ch 3   Ch 4   Ch 5  Epilogue

Red StarSix Weeks - A Pointless Tale of Tail II

Jim's coming home from the hospital and he only has one thing on his mind--it's been SIX WEEKS since the birth of his second daughter and, well, he's feeling a little horny. :) But what is Trixie so afraid of?

Yellow starCome in From the Cold

Dan and Joeanne love each other.  But is their love enough to keep them together when Hallie Belden stumbles back into Dan's life?  Trixie wants to help her cousin figure out her life, but how can she when she is going through an identity crisis of her own?

Ch 1-4     Ch 5    Ch 6-7    Ch 8    Epilogue

Blue StarAn Unexpected Gift

A CWP #4 submission to Jixemitri.  Katy gets a gift that nobody expected!

Blue StarGood Night 'Til it be Morrow...In Bed

The gang comes together after losing a good friend.

Red StarHIS-Story, Part II

What were Trixie, Honey and Diana thinking when they didn't lay down any rules for Jim, Brian, Mart and Dan with regards to their scrapbooking project?!

Red StarHot Chocolate

Who knew kitchens could be so much fun?

Yellow starPreservation


--To maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm; protect.

--To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; maintain unchanged

Can Trixie preserve Jim's childhood memories?

Ch 1-7    Ch 8    

Blue StarThe Jim Frayne

See what happens when Santa Claus visits the Frayne household!


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