The Cast of As You Wish

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Elizabeth Shue (with blue contacts, natch!) Jim's Ultimate Fantasy, or, Trixie is ready for another Pointless Tale of Tail!
Peter Krause. Thank you, Dana, for all those wonderful Sports Night showings and for letting me borrow your Jim until I can find my own!) Man, is Peter Krause worthy of a Homina Homina or what? :)
Wow...Julianna sent me this. It's a German model with the unlikely name of Pit, who, I believe, may be my Ultimate Jim!!!  I find the actor Reed Diamond to be Jimish also. Especially in the made-for-tv movie Three Days. Sigh. The search continues...
LeeLee Sobieski
Ian Ziering
Paul Gross. This is Kyrie's Brian, and as she is obsessed with him, I figured she would know!*g* I also like this no-name guy from a clothing catalog for Brian!
Sherilynn Fenn That Diana is sure a looker, isn't she?
Or would you say Elizabeth Taylor
makes a better Diana? Hmmm...
Billy Crudup. This picture was taped on the wall right next to my computer when I was writing God Bless the Child. Another picture of Dan. Tsk Tsk Tsk...Dan doesn't smoke in my uni! I'm with Maidrya...he's undercover. Yeah! That's the ticket!
Teri Hatcher
Mr. Belden
Okay, I know Tom Hanks can be kind of goofy, and Mr. Belden is anything but goofy. But remember when he played with Bobby in the rain? :)
Mrs. Belden
And the annoying thing for me is, I really cannot stand Meg Ryan for some reason. Other than the magnificent When Harry Met Sally, she has actively annoyed me in everything else. But look at those curls and blue eyes!
Mrs. Wheeler
Rebecca De Mornay
Mr. Lytell
Floyd the Barber from The Andy Griffith Show, aka Howard McNear. It's HIM, I'm telling ya! :)


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