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You have found my Trixie Belden stories!

I currently have three universes: my main "As You Wish" universe with the bulk of my stories, my alternative "Both Sides Now" universe which explores the history of Jim and Katie Frayne and Matthew and Madeleine Wheeler set against the backdrop of the seventies, and my "Inconceivable" universe where I thorw everything else!  Below you will also find a link to my non-Trixie poetry.

Each story has been rated for content, as indicated by the color of the shooting star near the title. For more information, visit Jixemitri Story Ratings for an explanation on the different ratings.  For story announcements, be sure to check out The Sun.

Stories that are rated with a red star require the reader to be over the age of 18. You must also have the Jixemitri password. To obtain the password, send an email to Be sure to include your full date of birth in your request. If you're not 18, please do not lie as it is not a very Bob-White thing to do!

"...and gleeps, Honey!  Jim and I actually get to DO it in some of these stories!"

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